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Photo By Emily Eason
The First Ladies Garden is still undergoing construction. The estimated date of completion for the garden is Oct. 23, when there will be a dedication ceremony at Homecoming.
Photo By Brittney Garringer
Sophomore Matthew Wilcox, Dr. Kevin Youngblood and sophomore Graeme Gastineau practice Kung fu for Impact 360 at Complete in Christ Church. Impact 360 is a Kung fu class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Photo by Emily Eason
The History House, dedicated to sharing Harding heritage, honors 1945 graduate Wyatt Sawyer with a display. Sawyer exchanged letters with a man in prison and wrote the book, “Must the Young Die, Too?”
Lou Lawyer spent most of her life connected to Harding University. After her passing in May 2015,...
Bible department professors Dr. Scott Crenshaw and Dr. Kevin Youngblood teach classes during the...
The Harding History House offers visitors the chance to travel back in time to experience the...