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Savanna DiStefano
Editor in Chief
Savanna is a junior journalism and leadership & ministry major from Detroit, MI.  After she graduates, she wants to work for a non profit and participate in some kind of humanitarian work... or just be a professional traveler... that works, too.
Jaisa Hogue
Opinions Editor
Jaisa Hogue is a junior social work major from Bryant, Arkansas.  After graduation she hopes to work for an adoption agency.
Raianne Mason
Features Editor
Raianne is a public relations major from North Lima, Ohio.  After she graduates she wants to work with a nonprofit and own a baby animal of some sort, possibly a bunny or a kitten.
Anna Little
News Editor
Anna Little is a freshman communications major from Tyler, Texas.  After she graduates she hopes to work as a political advisor or director of communications in the legislative field.
Emily Faulkner
Head Sports Editor
Emily is a senior public relations major from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  After graduation she wants to go to grad school to get her masters in sports management.
Dustin Schandevel
Assistant Sports Editor
Dustin is a senior public relations major from Paragould, Arkansas. He either wants to do sports writing in Michigan or become a youth minister after he graduates. FuN fAcT: Dustin was cross-eyed as a little kid!
Delilah Pope
Head Copy Editor
Delilah is a senior English major from Gallatin, Tennessee.  After graduation she plans to either attend graduate school to get an MFA in creative writing or enter the workforce in publishing or editing.  Delilah also hopes to one day write a book.
Justin Duyao
Assistant Copy Editor
Hannah Hitchcox
Editorial Assistant
Natalie E. Smith
Web Editor
Natalie is a senior English major from Little Rock, Arkansas.  After graduation she plans to move to Northwest Arkansas to pursue a career in public relations.
Julia Reinboldt
Assistant Web Editor
Julia Reinboldt is a senior public relations major from Dallas, Texas.  After graduation she wants to own her own alpaca farm.
Chance Gowan
Head Multimedia Editor
Jordan Huntley
Assistant Multimedia Editor
Jordan Huntley is a senior communication studies from Memphis, Tennessee.  He loves dogs, anime, and cheesecake. He's hoping to bring joy and creativity wherever he ends up in life.
Darrian Bagley
Graphic Designer
Darrian is an advertising major from Tampa, Florida.  He is an aspiring web developer.
Rachel Gibson
Rachel is a senior graphic design major from Longview, Texas. After she graduates, she wants to travel and find a job where she can collaborate with creative people to make great things.
Sterling McMichael
Head Photographer
Sterling is a sports and recreation management major from Spearfish, South Dakota.  After graduation he plans to become an event photographer.
Emily Griffin
Assistant Photographer
Emily Griffin is a junior PR major from Nashville, Tennessee.  After graduation she wants to work for a magazine as a photographer or work as a freelance photography.
Paige Cushman
Assistant Marketing Manager
Paige is a senior Journalism major from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  She was once second in the world in Miley Cyrus Quiz Up.  After graduation she plans to regain her title and move to world champion.
Samantha Shepherd
Public Relations/Marketing
Samantha Shepherd is an Advertising and Marketing Major from Columbus, Ohio.  After graduation she wants to be the very best, like no one ever was.