Graphic design students create and sell homemade Christmas cards

Before Thanksgiving break, design students in professor of art Daniel Adams’ class were assigned a project making Christmas cards for children. The project, which served as a fundraiser, helped raise proceeds that all went to the Searcy Children’s Home.

This is an annual project design students do every year. Classes pick different organizations every year and are graded on the project. Sixteen students are involved in this project and everyone makes 15 cards each. After each card is made, they are mixed and matched in groups of five.

Senior Brittany Chase, a current design student, said she looked forward to this project and was very excited about it. Chase said the thing she got out of this project is that it makes her want to do a good job. She wanted her cards to be well done so she pushed herself to do the best she could.

“It made me want to make them better,” Chase said. “When you create something that someone is going to buy and use, you want to make sure it’s the best it can be.”

Another design student, senior Sierra Crook, said that she feels that this project was meant to be more than just about Christmas cards.

“I feel it’s meant to teach students that we can use art to help other people, instead of just (creating) pretty things,” Crook said.

Crook’s design included a scene in the woods with snow. She said the meaning behind her card was about communing with God in the Christmas season, rather than commercialism. Crook said she enjoyed doing a traditional subject using nontraditional methods and nontraditional subject matter.

Crook said she enjoys this project because it actually goes to a real fundraiser rather than staying in the classroom.